Mobile Next 2019

September 17 - 18, 2019

The Wigwam, Litchfield Park, AZ

1 888.482.6012


Mobile shopping is the must attend event for people lookingto refine their mobile strategies. It is a collaborative environment for brands,service providers, and agencies to share their first hand experiences.”

Andrew Haynes, Director, eCommerce Marketing Strategy, Marriott International

The Mobile Shopping program is very salient, the issues in your agenda are precisely what is getting discussed and decided here.”

Scott Anderson, Director of e-Commerce, Viataminshoppe

Mobile is ramping up faster than desktop Internet did and will be bigger than most think – 5 Trends Converging (3G Social Networking Video VoIP Impressive Mobile Devices). Regarding pace of change, we believe more users will likely connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years.”

Morgan Stanley Report, April 2010, Morgan Stanley Report

As you enter the holiday season, one of the things you want to consider about your mobile strategy is that your customers are using mobile devices not just as a purchasing vehicle but as an extension of brand engagement. So they are using those devices to look up and research your products while their in store, using it to find locations to they can go into your stores and they are using it to transact purchases, so you need to rethink the paradigm, that it's not just a website or a mobile site for your instore purchases they are all combined together to enable that person to transact.I think the great thing about [Mobile Shopping] is that there are so many retailers that are actually already engaged in the mobile process. Many of them are pretty far along in the evolution - they've developed apps, and mobile wapp sites - and we get to share the experiences that they've had, the learning experiences as they develop those solutions.”

Steve Deller, President and CEO, Virid

I think this has been a really good event. It's very intimate, which as a service provider here we really enjoy being able to have in depth conversations. There are a number of folks here...I haven't been able to make many of the sessions because really the market place has been pretty busy with folks coming by. We really enjoyed it and we're making good contacts and it seems to be the right folks attending.”

Paul Franz, Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Digby