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How Tech Like AI VR, and AR Will Impact the Role of Mobile

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In the near-term, the mobile technology that brands are most excited about is mobile payments by a large margin. In many ways, mobile payments are a foundation of the development of stronger shopping experiences, delivering a secure point of sale experience to the palm of a consumer's hand. Supporting technologies for mobile commerce that have a strong current following also include the use of AI chatbots to help troubleshoot commonly asked questions, delivering an interactive remote experience and directing customers to the products that are the most relevant for them.

Same day delivery or on demand services, depending on the product in question, have also become staples in driving demand over mobile. Compounding the ability to shop for goods and services anywhere with a connection with the ability to deliver more or less instant gratification is a powerful plus when differentiating a mobile experience from desktop or brick and mortar.

Currently, just around a quarter of respondents have begun to explore the use of voice recognition technology and augmented reality. These both figure in to the improvement of UX through mobile, allowing the user to more fluidly interact with an ecommerce app through sight and sound.

Budget, followed by a lack of internal resources, is the single largest barrier to investment in a mobile experience that can surprise and delight shoppers. Interestingly, nearly 30% more respondents are held back by a lack of internal resources than a lack of executive buy-in, suggesting that while the value of an improved mobile experience might be easy to understand, many organizations feel that their hands are tied and can only pursue improvements at a slow pace.

Challenges creating a single view of the customer are less prominent than identifying the right features and technology to adopt, indicating that while many brands are currently leveraging successful personalization strategies, taking bold steps to improve their mobile platforms and performance may still be on the horizon.

For the full data set, along with a deeper level of analysis, stay tuned for the full research report on the adoption of next-generation mobile tools. The report is scheduled to be published on the MobileNext website on August 3rd, 2019.

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