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My Mobile Shopping Story by Trevor Legwinski

Trevor Legwinski

Trevor’s eTail/Mobile Shopping Story at a Glance:

First Year Attended: 2009

How He’s Participated: Attendee & Speaker

eTail/Mobile Shopping Summit Highlights: Hearing from a wide breadth of speakers ranging from generalists to specialists, billion dollar brands down to emerging eCommerce brands.

I’ve been attending eTail events since 2009. What keeps me coming back? Without a doubt, the content discussed and the speakers presenting at these conferences.

I’ve been working in the retail industry for a long time and have worked in different capacities in several companies. The one thing that has remained consistent is my participation at eTail events hosted by WBR. The topics presented are well-researched, the caliber and variety of speakers remains impressive and I always come away with new leads. In 2015, I participated at three WBR eCommerce events – eTail, Future Stores and Mobile Shopping – because as a decision-maker of a retail company, it was important for me to keep updated on the state of the industry!

I’ve mostly attended alone in the more! This is a must-attend conference for my marketing, merchandising and eCommerce teams.

I go these events looking to learn as much as I can, share as much as I can and build relationships with others in the retail business. But that’s impossible to do when you want to be part of two conversations at once. This year I’m bringing my colleagues along with me so a) they can benefit from other marketing specialists and b) I get to benefit when they bring me their notes from a presentation/conversation I may have missed out on.

These are the only events in the industry where you get the right mix of billion dollar brand names and smaller, emerging eCommerce brands.

You can’t get a holistic picture of the industry if you focus on only the big brand names. Experts come from smaller eCommerce companies, too. What I find incredibly valuable at Mobile Shopping and eTail is that I am always surrounded by peers from across the retail industry, big and small. These discussions, with generalists AND experts, help to address specific issues and friction points that retailers are all commonly experiencing and also provide a benchmark for where they may be heading from a revenue or growth perspective in the coming year(s).

There is always that one conversation, that one connection I make, which will continue outside the conference and into the year.

The conversation has already begun this past Feb at eTail West 2016 and will continue at Mobile Shopping 2016! See you in October!

"Quality speakers, quality topics and conversations that continue throughout the year."

Trevor Legwinski, Chief Revenue Officer, SearchSpring

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