Mobile Next 2019

September 17 - 18, 2019

The Wigwam, Litchfield Park, AZ

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My Mobile Shopping Story by Ashley Serotta


Ashley’s Story At a Glance:

First Year Attended: 2016

How He’s Participated: Speaker

Mobile Shopping Highlights: This was Ashley’s first time participating at Mobile Shopping. Jer rime goal in attending was to gather data on what was working in digital marketing from other retailers. Not only was she able to collect the information she needed but she was also able to make connections that would help her brainstorm strategies in digital marketing that fit her company’s needs.

I was approached by the producer of the event to share our company’s strategies…but I was more eager to learn what everyone else was doing!

I had participated at eTail as a speaker before and Greg asked me to share my experiences in mobile marketing at Mobile Shopping. I agreed but mostly because our company was getting more focused on digital media and I needed to learn what others were to doing to advance their initiatives.

I made connections and collected some really good data…exactly what I need for 2017!

I was pleasantly surprised by how much data I was able to gather – data that I needed to help me formulize strategies for Living Proof. Presentations that particularly impressed me included the Oracle session on industry data, Dynamic Yield’s breakout session and the panel on Mobile vs App. All of this and the fact that I was able to make some strategic connections with other retailers made this worth the time off my desk.

I already have a case to attend ready for 2017

Our company’s continued focus on mobile and digital media means I am always on the lookout for events that will help me gather industry knowledge. The networking and the information distributed at Mobile Shopping makes this a MUST attend for 2017, again!

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