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How Retailers are Meeting Consumer Demands for Mobile

In order to understand how consumer expectations and constantly improving tech are shaping mobile commerce, Shopgate partnered with Mobile Shopping to produce a new report that features the results of a benchmark survey completed by your peers in the mobile community. This report contains a wealth of insight from the sharpest minds in retail- it's fresh for 2017 and you don't want to miss it.  Click the image to the left to download! 

The Director's Report: Mobile Shopping 2016

In just two years, mobile commerce has matured from a budding channel adopted by a few progressive companies to a critical commerce and marketing channel. Today, mobile offerings must be both fully transactional and support the customer’s end-to-end experience with a retailer or brand (ie. mobile is a companion pre-sale & post-sale). What makes mobile complex is that it is a research channel, a marketing channel and a sales channel all in one- and there is still a huge gap between traffic and sales.

[Whitepaper] Mobile & The Next Step in Omnichannel Commerce

2015 was another year of major mobile disruption, as smartphones and tablets further entrenched themselves as key components of omnichannel shopping. Mobile is an increasingly important revenue channel, and retailers are investing accordingly. Using proprietary data, this report takes a first-hand look at how brands are approaching the opportunities and challenges of mobile into 2016. Topics include:  - Mobile technology investment priorities  - Which mobile touchpoints and strategies are producing the best results  - How mobile is redefining omnichannel commerce Click the graphic on the left to download the report now!

Mobile Next Innovation Briefing

In our reports and conferences, we pride ourselves on bringing our audience behind the scenes at the most successful mobile commerce initiatives. For executives involved in mobile, it is more critical than ever to stay abreast on how new technologies and strategies are deployed to gain advantages in customer experience, conversion, and loyalty. In this innovation briefing, we give a snapshot of how successful brands—small and large—are charting new paths in mobile commerce and reaping the rewards.Click on the image to download the report!

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