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At Mobile Shopping, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular articles and infographics.

How Walmart's Store Assistant and Mobile Express Improves Shopping Experience

A new feature to Walmart's mobile app - known as Store Assistant - introduces a suite of new tools that are revolutionizing the shopping experience, helping customers save time when visiting stores, and even allowing them to create "smart" shopping lists before leaving the house.

How eBay's New "Interests" Feature Enhances Mobile Experience

eBay is ramping up personalization for users of its mobile app and has come up with a novel way to fine-tune results - asking consumers outright what they're actually interested in.

Just Text Rose: The Cosmopolitan's ChatBot Concierge

She began working for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in January last year and has been driving direct bookings, treating guests to free drinks, solving their problems, and increasing satisfaction ever since. She's also received dozens of marriage proposals, and will soon link to the luxury hotel's loyalty program.

How Domino's Uses Games and Delivery Hotspots to Engage Customers

Pizza restaurant and delivery chain Domino's is ramping up the food delivery wars with two new innovations for mobile customers - Domino's Hotspots, and a rewards-based mobile game called Piece of the Pie Pursuit.

TGI Fridays Drives Unique Experiences with AI-Powered Bartender

Companies the world over are looking to leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive unique experiences for their customers. Now, TGI Fridays - in collaboration with Hyper Giant - is utilizing these technologies to give birth to the virtual barman.

Timberland's New Spin on Mobile Ads with Hip-Hop Legend

It was in the 90s when hip-hop artists like Nas started donning Timberland's iconic Yellow Boot, giving the footwear mass street cred, and earning Timberland a place at very fore of US pop culture. And it was this reputation that the brand wanted to push in creative and interactive ways with a mobile ad campaign.

PureFormulas' Strategy To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Progressive Web Apps have been key to boosting revenue and reducing cart abandonment for PureFormulas

JCPenney's Omnichannel Strategy

The new JCPenney app has made shopping and pickup that much easier

Newegg Hatched a Strategy to Deliver Customer Service via Facebook Messenger

The mobile strategy evolution at Newegg has been nothing short of remarkable over the past 18 months.

GasBuddy's Mobile Coupon Strategy

GasBuddy has been busy with a new strategy that is fueling in-store engagement and sales with a strategic partnership designed to get consumers spending more at the convenience stores they use when filling up their tanks.

Here’s How Marriott International is Delivering a Richer Customer Experience through its Mobile App

If there’s one brand that’s proving that it knows how to excel on all of these fronts, it’s leading global lodging company Marriott International.

Here’s How United Airlines Is Empowering Employees with Enterprise Mobile Apps

The goal is to give United's workforce, ready-to-hand access to customer information on their Apple devices, as opposed to relying on non-mobile solutions.