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Where the top minds in mobile meet to gain a cross-industry perspective on mobile marketing, UX, commerce, acquisition and retention. You’ll learn and network with mobile innovators within your industry, but from industries such as retail, travel, hospitality, CPG and entertainment.

As the ONLY conference that marries mobile specific content with a mobile specific speaker faculty – you’ll uncover actionable tactics and real use cases from those in the trenches of mobile web and mobile app optimization. Shape the future of your mobile strategy at Mobile Next.

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Our 50+ speakers represent the best of the best in mobile.


Melissa Douros

Head of Digital Product Management
Great Wolf Resort


Britt Myers



Dimple Rao

Senior Director, Head of Digital Product Management
FTD Companies


John Gargiulo

Global Product Marketing Lead


Bob Bennett

VP / GM Consumer Engagement


Liz Bazner

Senior Digital Manager
A&W Restaurants

2018 Topics Included

No matter your specific industry – we’ll ensure that we’re discussing your top challenges to find results to bring back to your business. 2018 featured sessions included:

Panel REMIX:

Looking into the Crystal Ball: Examining The Future Of Mobile

How can brands prepare for future opportunities with mobile devices? How will the technology evolve along with tomorrow’s mobile consumer? Get a holistic view of the future of mobile, as you hear from senior executives across different industries:

  • What will mobile’s role be in the future omnichannel customer journey?
  • How will technology like AI, VR, AR and Voice impact the role of mobile? How will mobile technology evolve?
  • What strategies are in your future roadmap for improving mobile acquisition?
  • How can you continually test your web and app performance to keep up with customer demand?
  • What is going to be the new standard of mobile loyalty?

Melissa Douros, Head of Digital Product Management, Great Wolf Resorts
Titania Jordan, Chief Product Officer, Bark
Rick Robinson, VP of Product, Politico

Case Study REMIX:

Improving Checkout Design: Make Sure You Don’t Lose Customers Where it Matters Most

Picture this: Your customer has found what they want to buy, picked a size, picked a color and put the item in their cart. Their decision to purchase has been made, but, all of this will mean nothing if a customer gets to the point of checking out and abandons. How can you overcome obstacles to checkout? Join this session to hear more about how:

  • Learning what makes a flawless checkout system – removing customer frustration and abandoned carts
  • Reviewing streamlined step based process, easier forms, saved information, guest access, secure checkout, access to mobile wallet payments (if the customer is using an app)
  • Deciding if your mobile checkout needs to be different than your desktop checkout [if you aren’t working off a responsive web program?
    • How should you be designing differently for this group?
    • What elements of mobile checkout help people convert? Or at least help keep them engaged in the buying process?

Linda Adams, Product Manager, Mobile & Emerging Channels, Choice Hotels International, Inc


Humanizing Your App Experience: Striking the Right Balance Between Automation and Personalized Service

Technology is impacting consumer preferences and companies have to move faster than ever to adopt a customer-centric mindset. But, customers also want personalization. In an increasingly mobile world with self-service on the rise, customers are still looking for a 1 to 1 relationship and a personal touch. Our opening keynote session will outline takeaways including:

  • Don’t forget that your customers aren’t just data points, they are humans
  • Deciding whether mobile chatbots or automated emails are too impersonal as forms of customer contact
  • Acknowledging that reaching a customer on their phone is a more personal method of communication
  • Understanding the benefits of keeping personal lines of communication open with your customers
  • Striking a balance between providing an easy, more automated mobile experience while also making sure customers feel heard and appreciated

Mamie Peers, VP of Digital Marketing, The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas


Engaging Cross Functional Stakeholders to Develop a Cohesive Mobile Strategy

Developing a mobile strategy involves more than just gathering together a mobile product team. It involves engaging designers, UX researchers, coders, system integrators, marketers, analysts AND your c-suite to back all of your projects. And, your mobile channel needs to be a part of your overall channel mix. How do you work with other departments and stakeholders to create a rock solid mobile strategy that delivers results? Join this keynote session to hear more about how to be:

  • Looking at the team of designers, developers and UX researchers (creatives and tech people)that need to be involved in your mobile strategy
  • Identifying other internal stakeholders that you need to work with in order to understand how they view mobile product and what they want to get out of your department
  • Understanding how they feel about mobile as a channel and its role in relation to other channels
  • What objectives do marketers, salespeople, store operations execs and other channel leaders have and how can mobile be helping them achieve those goals?
  • How can other channels help you with your mobile strategy goals?

Jason McCann, Director of eCommerce, Dominos


The Power of the Podcast: Finding Customers Through Mobile Marketing Channels

Are you thinking of new and different ways to reach potential mobile customers? If so, look no further than podcast advertisements! Typically listened to on a mobile device, advertising via podcast is an easy way to engage customers with your brand. Join this session to hear more about:

  • Reaching your customer through new potential marketing mediums
    • If they aren’t mobile specific, are their mediums that seem to have a stronger consumer base on mobile?
  • Looking at the benefits of reaching customers through something like podcasting
    • Given that most people listen to podcasts on their mobile phones, does it make sense to try to reach out to potential mobile app customers via podcast ads?
    • Given the specific topics of each podcast and what topics say about the listener, isn’t it valuable to present targeted ads to that group given what you know about their podcast preferences? Basically like free targeting?
  • Acknowledging the negatives of podcast advertising
    • How can you justify the expense?
    • How would you choose which one is right for you out of the thousands that are out there?
  • Achieving success with podcast advertising and seeing how it could fit into your overall marketing strategy

Elaine Chiang, Director of Growth Marketing, MeUndies

Fireside Chat:

The Promise of PWA: Best Practices When Building Progressive Web Apps

Not satisfied with the performance of your mobile app OR mobile website and looking for something new? Progressive Web Apps can be a potential solution. Bringing together the best of mobile app and web technology, PWA’s promise reliable and seamless mobile experiences. But are they living up to the hype? Get an inside look at PWAs in this fireside chat session.

  • Defining a PWA
    • How is it different than an app or a mobile site?
  • The steps to building a PWA
    • Is it costly? What does the design/development process look like?
  • Understanding the benefits of building PWA’s? Potential pitfalls?
  • Determining the future of this technology
  • Given Google’s preference for it, will it truly take over as a mobile platform for the web

Simon Carpio, Director of Product Management, US Auto Parts

Case Study:

Moving Beyond Voice Assistants: Mobile and Voice Working Together For the Future of Connected Commerce

There is huge untapped potential in the use of voice technology. Major brands are racing to figure out how it will impact their digital strategy and many have yet to understand how transformative it be for the future of mobile experiences. Are you going to be able to keep up with the voice revolution? Join this session to hear answers to questions like:

  • Is voice the future of mobile?
  • What role will they have in your omnichannel strategy?
    • How can you start to make sure the two are complimenting one another?
  • What are some of the other use cases of voice and how do those fit in with your mobile strategy?
    • Have you thought about voice payments?
    • Have you thought about push notifications through voice?
    • Have you heard about mobile ordering through voice?

Harish Goli, Senior Product Manager, Pandora

The Mobile Next Audience

From the biggest retailers to the world's most exciting startups. Including but not limited to; apparel, accessories, sporting goods, food & beverage, travel and much more – Mobile Next is for digital executives looking to refine their mobile strategy. This community is one of a kind, and the perfect balance of quality, quantity, and variety.



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"I have attended many shows, but this gave me specific action items to take back. It was really helpful in seeing how brands are leveraging mobile to drive their shopping experience."

Mike Hornigold, Group Director of Emerging Shopper Technologies, Coca Cola


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