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October 24 - 26, 2017

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How Retailers are Meeting Consumer Demands for Mobile

How Retailers are Meeting Consumer Demands for Mobile How Retailers are Meeting Consumer Demands for Mobile
In order to understand how consumer expectations and constantly improving tech are shaping mobile commerce, Shopgate partnered with Mobile Shopping to produce a new report that features the results of a benchmark survey completed by your peers in the mobile community. This report contains a wealth of insight from the sharpest minds in retail- it's fresh for 2017 and you don't want to miss it. 

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Executive Summary 

Retailers, get ready—consumers are challenging you on the mobile landscape. They are increasingly adopting the mobile app as their channel of choice for online shopping. As a retailer, you will need to establish new, value-added relationships and take full advantage of mobile engagement and revenue opportunities. 
In 2016, 211 million Americans identify as online shoppers, which is expected to increase to 217 million in 2017.1 Among those online shoppers, about 136 million—about 64%—identify as mobile buyers, completing transactions via mobile.2 Now, mobile buyers are expected to rise to 147 million—almost 68% of online shoppers in 2017. 
In order to meet consumer expectations that extend through mobile technologies, retailers must unify customer data from multiple retail channels to meet service and fulfillment expectations; and retailers must deliver targeted, personalized mobile marketing campaigns that drive revenue through mobile apps and mobile-optimized website. 
Currently, mobile-optimized websites are a vital part of a retailer’s digital presence, but they are only one piece of successful mobile marketing and retail strategy. A dedicated mobile application is emerging as a key technology among leading digital retailers. 
Additionally, retailers are using push notifications to step beyond traditional mobile marketing. Push notifications allow them to establish not only a new marketing channel but a means to become an active part of customers’ lives, in real time; forming a personalized, mutually beneficial relationship. 
This report is based on the results of an on-site survey delivered to leading industry professionals attending the Mobile Shopping Summit in October 2016. The research identifies opportunities for retailers to increase customer loyalty, and build mobile strategies that will enable their success, including: 
Personalizing the mobile experience using customer data 
Improving customer relationships with push notifications 
Enabling targeted marketing for mobile shoppers 
Increasing customer engagement and lifetime value 

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