Event Name

October 06 - 08, 2014

Wigwam , Litchfield Park, Arizona



Mobile Shopping 2014 Agenda

Day One: Online, Offline, Anytime

Not all screens are created equal. The focus of Day 1 is on providing true customer value in a time of retail revolution as we move from point & click to touch & swipe and beyond. Make sure that you are sending the right message to the right person at the right time, based on device relevancy & analysis of past purchase history.

Day Two: Location, Location, Location

It is not the device that is mobile, it is your customer. The focus of Day 2 is on building functionality within existing Mobile applications to bridge the gap between the online & offline Customer. This holiday season, are you beginning to optimize location based search & iBeacon to intelligently reach your customers?

Day Three: The Sky Is The Limit

Develop a screen presence over a lifetime, rather than a single transaction today. The focus of Day 3 is aligning your strategic vision with your product roadmap to achieve revenue goals, by thinking customer first and designing your core Mobile features around key customer problems to solve.